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Sex with a granny is a mind-blowing experience. Women over 40, and even better, women over 50, have a massive amount of sexual experience. And they are often quite dirty if they are still dating. Why chase a young woman, who will not know what she's doing in bed, when you can have sex with a granny, who knows a lot of tricks in the sack? Granny sex usually involves a younger man being seduced by an older woman. It's easy sex if you're a guy - you don't need to make much effort! GrannyNaai has members all across South Africa, in Cape Town, Pretoria, everywhere!

A common misconception is that people's sex drive disappears at 45. This is not the case, and some of the most sexually active people are 45-55. As people live longer in each generation, sex lives are also being prolonged. This is great for men who love older women. They get to catch these women in their prime! Mature sex is now very common, and you'll find that if you actually stop to look at matuer women, they are often quite sexy. Society has trained people to see mature people as 'past it', and this extends to sexual attractiveness. But if you are more open-minded, you may stay start to find the idea of mature sex becomes increasingly appealing. Join GrannyNaai today for free and start searching for mature sex in your area.

Many woman in their late 40s or early 50s get a 'second wind' sexually. It's well-documented that most mature women see a libido increase as they get older and they can often leave men their own age behind. Men who realise this (the smart ones) will take advantage and try to sleep with women in this age bracket. Once you've tried it, it's unlikely you'll ever go back. Mature women have a confidence, in and out of the bedroom, that can be a real turn-on. It's hard to go back to a woman in her 20s or 30s who is still trying to make her mark on the world when you've sampled a woman who is totally comfortable with what she has achieved and is also not shy in bed. This last point is a big one. Think back to all your ex-girlfriends, and remember your sexual experiences with them. How many were totally liberated and open to experimentation? Probably hardly any. They all probably had hang-ups of one kind or another... Being on top, sex from behind etc. They felt self-conscious. A mature woman just wants to enjoy the experience. And that means you'll enjoy mature sex all the more.

Just as mature women see their sex drives rocket, many men their age see the opposite happen. So what is a mature woman to do? She hunts for a toyboy! A toyboy is a younger man that an older woman uses for sex! Feel like being used like that? Doesn't sound too bad does it! The best bit about being a toyboy is that you aren't expected to commit to a relationship. So, to recap you get free sex, on tap, from an experienced cougar, and there are no strings attached. Not bad at all. But it's not all cold hard sex. Some cougars treat their toyboys really well too.